Make Informed Decisions


Business Intelligence.  Customer Relationship Management.  Decision Analysis.  Quantitative Marketing.  Data Mining.


All of these are processes for understanding customers and making informed decisions.  Data Analysis & Research uses these processes in tandem with advanced statistical analysis to help companies and organizations make robust, informed decisions concerning their marketing, customer, and employee data.


Data Analysis & Research helps companies and consulting firms to statistically analyze sales, customer, survey and database information.  In addition, we develop performance analysis processes, and analytical tools for marketing, sales, and organizational development.

Why Data Analysis & Research?

Maybe you have a specific research question in mind. Maybe you have been collecting customer or employee data over a multi-year period and are asking, “Now what?” Or maybe you have questions like the following:

How Data Analysis & Research Can Help
You’ve spent a lot of money on your software, training and staffing—how come you can’t get an answer or make a business decision?  If you have any of the following issues, Data Analysis & Research can help.

Too Much Information

Often the problem with CRM and data mining software is not the lack of information, but the overwhelming amount of data. Data Analysis & Research helps to systematically reduce and categorize the most important information in a straightforward, actionable way.  Using a combination of statistical techniques and focused research design, often an enormous amount of data can be reduced to a few uncomplicated results.  The Case Studies section of this website illustrates just a few examples of Data Analysis & Research's capabilities.

I Pushed the Button, I Got an Answer.  What Now?

A major problem with CRM and analytical software is that it takes very little effort to run an analysis or statistical test.  Many analysts lack the understanding of power, validity, appropriateness of statistical tests, research design, etc.  Data Analysis & Research uses its 20 years of research experience and statistical expertise to design, collect and analyze client data in the most valid and appropriate ways so that decision-making is both actionable and justifiable.

New Insights:  Exploring Data

CRM software, credit agencies, sales and third-party data provide a wealth of customer information.   If your company or organization has been compiling and warehousing client and customer data, but not investigating it for additional or deeper insights, Data Analysis & Research can help you explore your data for new insights into existing data, areas for further research, or new client proposals. 

Monitoring Performance

Whether you have an existing set of performance measures or are looking to develop new metrics, Data Analysis & Research can help you design, establish and present your organization’s or client’s performance metrics.  Through the use of continuous measurement, advanced statistical analysis and dashboard presentations, companies can track any customer or client metrics.  Dashboards provide quick and compact method of visual representing performance measurements.  See the Dashboards section for some examples.


Make Informed Decisions

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